Meet The Softcrylic Team at Adobe Summit 2018

Meet the Softcrylic team at Adobe Summit. We work with a broad range of clients helping solve complex business challenges spanning Digital Analytics, MarTech, AdTech and Customer Experience. The team works in conjunction with our Technology teams, giving them access to the technical bandwidth and skills to execute on big ideas.

The Summit is a great opportunity to meet other pioneers in the marketing and analytics space. We would love to share our experiences and further learn from other peers. It would be great to connect and chat over drinks, breakout sessions or at the many networking events at Summit.

John Flavin Softcrylic

John Flavin

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Francis Levelle Softcrylic

Francis Levelle
SVP - Analytics

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Jerry Helou Softcrylic

Jerry Helou
Digital Experience Architect

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Brett Newcome Softcrylic

Brett Newcome
Associate Partner

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Jean Paul Softcrylic

Jean Paul Beherens
Analytics Sensei

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About Softcrylic

Softcrylic LLC is a Global IT Consulting and Services Organisation that helps businesses navigate their Digital Transformation journey through IT solutions and services in a variety of technical disciplines including Software Development, Test Engineering, Data and Analytics. As a certified Adobe Partner, Softcrylic’s team of certified Multi-Solution Architects, DMPs demonstrate expertise in supporting data-driven business models and deliver personalized digital customer journeys.

Softcrylic’s Digital Experience and Analytics Services


Data Performance Platform – TapestryKPI

Automate Data Aggregation and Simplify Complex Reporting needs with TapestryKPI, a cloud-based Data performance platform that is built to perform advanced analytics reporting and digital data management in a fragmented digital data space. The platform automates your data aggregation and transformation into valuable data sets that powers you to do more with your data. Meet us at Adobe Summit 2018 and ask for a personalized Demo. 


Data Management Platforms Consulting

Engage our Data Management Platform Consulting Services to Optimize Omni-channel Audience Targeting and personalize customer journeys in a complex online and offline data ecosystem. We help empower your DMPs to systematically collect, store, cross-reference data to segment, identify newer audience and input valuable insights to digital marketing and advertising platforms. Meet us at Adobe Summit 2018 and ask for Free Consultation. 


Multi-Solution Architecture Strategy & Integration

Maximize ROI and deliver engaging digital customer experiences in a complex MarTech and AdTech landscape that is characterised by unpredictable online shopping behavior. We help businesses establish a digital-first culture and implement optimal omni-channel marketing tech stack. Our MSAs blend their UI, UX, Design, Mobility, Content, Technology, and Industry expertise to maximise your digital marketing effectiveness. 


Web & Omni-channel Digital Analytics

We devise Data capture mechanisms to analyze quantitative and qualitative data points that are niche to stages of digital customer journeys tailored for specific industries. With automated reports, dashboards and market-leading data visualization tools, Softcrylic serves international clients in measuring digital marketing effectiveness. Our inferential recommendations help clients take data-driven decisions and achieve desired growth. 

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