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Time taken to develop, maintain Selenium tests is reduces from 3 days to 3 hours. That resulted in reducing overrall testing time by 70%. The increase in developers’ productivity came as a bonus!

Ketan Bhagat

Director, Quality Assurance,
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The Platform

Build and maintain automated functional, performance and visual testing of your web and mobile applications on a wide range of platforms and scale them on the cloud.

Core Features

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Automated functional testing on multiple platforms and mobile devices on the cloud and whenever you need for continuous integration and delivery.

Perfomance Testing

Performance Testing

Load and Performance testing for your application to identify performance issues before your customers experience it.

Visual Testing - Selenium

Visual UI Testing

Visual Validation to test your GUI appears correctly across all devices & browsers for accurate UI.

Key Features

Design and Execute tests using leading open source tools including Selenium, Appium, JMeter and Cucumber.
Quickly understand the results of your test. Automate-On provides comprehensive test reports that detail the test execution flow with screenshots and recorded video of every test accurately pinpointing and tracking failures to each step.
Automate-On integrates seamlessly with various tool sets in dev & QA ecosystems. Integrates with your defect tracking tools such as JIRA and Continuous integration tools such as Jenkins.
Automate-On provides tools that help developers to design and build tests using modem object-oriented programming language such as Java and their hosting frameworks libraries.
Execute and scale your tests in the cloud over 450+ OS/Browser/Device Combinations without the need to maintain a testing infrastructure in house.

Key Features

Why Choose Automate-On?

Release Faster

Automate-On is engineered for speed and efficiency, so your team spends less time maintaining test suits and more time hitting your product roadmap.

Save Money and Time

Automate-On software testing platform not only helps build quality but create value by identifying defects sooner in the testing cycle by saving time and money.

Workflow Integration

Automate-On hooks into your workflow automatically, including CI/CD tools, communication apps, TCMs and bug trackers. Less integration headaches equal productivity.

Why Automate-On Automated Software Testing?

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