4 Steps to plan and implement a successful Business Intelligence Strategy

Published on February 27, 2018 - by Softcrylic under analytics

Business Intelligence, analytics and big data have become the buzzwords in business. Behind the scenes, the success of all the above initiatives boil down to Integrating Data Sources and Slicing them for Extracting Actionable Insights.

While there are robust platforms to take care of the Business Intelligence and Data Visualization aspects, the real challenge lies in properly assessing needs, defining objectives and executing the whole project towards success.

Here are a few tips on how to make a successful plan.

Assess the present Business Intelligence scenario

Before working out for a new BI plan, let us gauge the existing BI you have in place. Which data are you measuring? How many data points are you tracking? Why are you doing it? Which Key indicators will accurately reflect you organization’s trends and health that will impact the future? Are you missing out any indicators? This assessment will help you see where you are and how far you should lead ambitious business intelligence goals.

It is a Cross functional collaboration effort

Most of the organisations that steer business intelligence (BI) projects often overlook the need to align LOBs with Technology Teams. Technical Teams need vital inputs from BI Consultants, business executives, to securely set up, deploy, manage and distribute valuable insights across the organization. Though Business Intelligence is largely enabled by Technology it is mainly exists to empower business stakeholders for taking real-time decisions.

The real problem of Narrowing Down

Literally, you can track thousands of indicators, but the KPIs are the key- the vital pieces of data people need to take better decisions. If You already have an view about what is you KPI’s are well and good, but if you don’t have an idea, Have a look at your strategy, mission and goals and determine which KPI’s are most vital to measuring performance. Limit your KPIs to only the key factors on the list. If you get too Micro with your focus, you may dilute the Key signals they convey. This will make it hard to mine the right insights.

Choose a BI Tool like Microsoft Power BI

Choosing the right business intelligence tool significantly boosts your collective ability to steer business impact. Microsoft Power BI is one of the market leading cloud-based analytics suite to analyse data and share insights in a cost-effective manner. It provides interactive visualizations with self-service analytics capabilities, where business users can create dashboards and reports to monitor Key metrics of the business without the help of IT staff or DB admins.

Power BI has several advantages over other enterprise BI solutions:

  • Take advantage of your existing investments
    Power Bi is a Simple and powerful solution uses Microsoft excel and office 365 suite like interface which are very familiar with the staff, easy to use and understand like never before Minimalize the time consuming learning curve and the training cost involved.
  • Cost effectiveness
    Power BI has two versions, the paid pro version and the basic free software. The Paid Versions have more frequent data refreshes and capacity at pretty reasonable price of $9.99 per month/user when comparing to other market leaders.
  • Data Sources:
    Power BI accesses real-time data from anywhere, anytime, any device and multiple data formats so you don’t miss critical alerts, notifications. It also allows you to drill down into the data sources for deeper analysis.
  • Distribution of Reports:
    Power BI users can easily create and share Dashboards, Reports in far more economical means with executives across while still adhering to compliance and confidentiality.
  • Natural Language Querying:
    Modern Power BI Q&A Functionality allows users to speak or type the questions they want answers for in natural language. This is a clear winning differentiator of Microsoft Power BI over other platforms.

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