Summit is just three weeks away and approaching fast. Pre-registration for sessions is also filling up quickly. If you’re into Analytics and are having doubts on deciding on your schedule, below I’ve compiled a list of Top 9 Analytics sessions. Check them out and let me know your thoughts.

I sorted them by my proprietary descending ‘coolness’ factor, but at the end of the post you will find a summary, neatly organizing the sessions by day and time. If you end up going to one of them feel free to reach out, I would welcome meeting you at one of them if our schedules coincide.

1. S101 – Analytics Rock Stars 2018: Top tips and tricks

I think this session replaces the all-time favorite Analytics Idol competition. If you aren’t familiar with this, it’s a nation-wide competition in search for the coolest tips & tricks straight from real-world analysts. I’m a big fan of this session because you learn ways to improve your analytics game that you didn’t anticipate. I’ve always wanted to participate, but never get the memo on when to apply! Hopefully next year. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Hot tips straight from the trenches for solving your usual problems
  • Push the boundaries of Analytics’ features you never even knew existed
  • Saving time in your day-to-day

Thursday at 1:30 pm

2. S130 – Customizing your Audience Dashboard

This is a must-attend for organizations with both Audience Manager and Analytics. Back in September Adobe released a much-awaited feature to share AAM segments with Analytics, which opens the analyzing possibilities to your imagination (and implementation!). But how do you best view these segments in Analytics? This session promises to cover that by:

  • How to utilize Analysis Workspace to visualize audience-based reporting
  • Use second- and third-party data (from AAM) to understand your audience better with first-party data (from Analytics)

Wednesday at 8:30 am

My bonus recommendation: if you’re more hands-on take a look at the Lab session, where I think you’ll get the same, and more, information about Audience Analytics: L760 – Tear down that wall! Bring your audience and analytics data together

On Thursday at 10:00am and 1:00pm

3. S111 – Perfect harmony: Strategies and tips for unifying mobile app and web data

In my experience, one of the most painful problems to have in an organization is disparate desktop and mobile report suites. If this session delivers on what it promises to, then for those of you in charge of analytics implementation this is probably one of the most important sessions to attend. They will cover strategies to:

  • Utilize Virtual Report suites to align disparate report suites (a feature, I must confess, have never used)
  • Steps to prepare your implementation for data unification across web and apps, including avoiding common pitfalls and technical gotchas

Tuesday at 5:30 pm

4. S102 – Analysis Workspace: Tips & tricks for project creation and sharing

Think you’re a pro because you use Ad Hoc Analysis? Please… Analysis Workspace is where all the cool data ninjas are now a days. If you aren’t already using it then I wholeheartedly recommend attending this session. I remember when Workspace first came out I avoided it thinking was an experimental platform with no real advantages, so why waste time if I could quickly do what I needed to do in Ad Hoc… to be fair, in the early days that statement might have been valid to a degree, but today it’s a whole other ballgame. What I think you’ll learn:

  • Where to start with Workspace
  • Best ways for sharing Workspace reports in your organization
  • Workbook management tactics for being efficient

Tuesday at 1:00 pm

5. S117 – LAUNCHing an analytics revolution: Why basic tag management doesn’t cut it

According to Adobe the future of tag management isn’t tag templates maintained by TMS vendors. That model is old school and keeps your analytics team from innovating. Instead, they’ve opted to create a marketplace of API-driven integrations, called extensions, maintained by the technology provider themselves. What you’ll learn

  • The value of Launch over existing TMS solutions
  • How to implement Adobe Launch
  • Launch implementation tips & tricks

Thursday at 3:00 pm

6. L762 – Getting started with Launch by Adobe

For the more hands-on types, this lab should cover the essentials for starting with Launch. I, for one, am super pumped for this Lab because I believe in the potential of this new platform. Access to the tool has been limited so far, so this will be a great opportunity to gain experience from the experts. It will cover:

  • Creating the first property and user-management
  • Adding extensions, rule building, and publishing

On Tuesday at 1:30 pm and on Wednesday at 8:00 am

7. S109 – Confessions of a Product Manager: Analytics for the non-marketer

This session looks interesting because it’s about analytics from the perspective of untraditional users. As an Analytics Manager in my past life, I can relate to thinking of ways for multiple functions to base decisions on data. It seems to be delivered in a panel format that will cover:

  • Accomplish a data-driven culture across product managers, designers, and engineers
  • Best practices for selecting KPIs, gaining internal support

Tuesday at 4:00 pm

8. S114 – Understanding the customer journey with digital + callcenter intelligence

I’ve always thought of call centers as treasure troves of customer data. But in my experience, they are either very often overlooked, or prioritized very low, as a data source to improve digital intelligence. Partly because this data has been difficult to access for digital teams, zealously guarded by Customer Service. This session seems to address that by going over tactics to import Call Center data into Analytics. What you’ll learn:

  • Use Adobe’s Exchange partners to integrate call center with Analytics
  • Best practice use-cases for Workspace as off- and on-line insight discovery
  • Strategies to uncover and act on insights from call center & digital experiences

On Wednesday at 2:30 pm

9. S801 – Data-driven advertising: A single source of truth

An interesting session that tackles how to use Analytics as the bridge between advertisers and clients to improve, you guessed it, advertising. The punchline for me is that it seems to focus on strategies to automate reports for replacing the hectic manual compilation of reports. It resonates with me especially because I’ve seen the stress “Monday Morning reports” can cause and the time that goes to producing could instead go to analyzing those reports for insights. Other interesting things they will cover:

  • Tactical suggestions to executive media buys
  • Impact to advertising performing of data-driven strategies

Tuesday at 2:30 pm

DayAnalytics SessionTime
TuesdayS102 – Analysis Workspace: Tips & tricks for project creation and sharing1:00 pm
TuesdayS801 – Data-driven advertising: A single source of truth2:30 pm
TuesdayS109 – Confessions of a Product Manager: Analytics for the non-marketer4:00pm
TuesdayS111 – Perfect harmony: Strategies and tips for unifying mobile app and web data5:30 pm
Tuesday & WednesdayL762 – Getting started with Launch by Adobe1:30 pm & 8 am
WednesdayS114 – Understanding the customer journey with digital + callcenter intelligence2:30 pm
WednesdayS130 – Customizing your Audience Dashboard8:30 am
ThursdayL760 – Tear down that wall! Bring your audience and analytics data together10:00 am & 1:00 pm
ThursdayS101 – Analytics Rock Stars 2018: Top tips and tricks1:30 pm
ThursdayS117 – LAUNCHing an analytics revolution: Why basic tag management doesn’t cut it3:00 pm

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