And when I thought that my schedule was fully booked, I find out that there are new sessions still being added. At the time of this post, the count is at 320 sessions and still growing. Unfortunately, this means that some sessions need to be moved around to make room for the new ones!

In this post, I want to share with you a new wave of sessions that are new to this Summit. Some of these are new topics that are very 2018 while others are Adobe concepts that are finally coming to light. Let’s go through the list:

1.S608 – Device Co-op: Create the right framework to deliver maximum value

Device Co-op was announced two Summits ago at a time when Device Graphs and Identity Management were the buzzwords of the year. Things have progressed significantly since then. I can barely keep track of the number of Identity Platforms on the market today. Adobe has taken its Co-op from a concept to a portfolio of 50+ companies sharing their IDs to build one of the strongest Device Graphs on the market. Here is why I am recommending this session:

  • It will be presented by my good friend and Co-op’s Product Manager, Erin Davis, accompanied by one of the Co-op participant companies, Lenovo.
  • Lenovo is known to be ahead of the curve when it comes to using advanced technologies to reinvent their personalization strategy. I am looking forward to hearing about how they leveraged their predictive models along with the Co-op.

Session is on Wednesday at 8:30 pm

2.S413 – How Delta Air Lines flew its optimization program to success

Airline companies have been making the news lately, some better news than others and I think Delta got the best story yet to tell. Here are few reasons why I will be attending this session:

  • They are my client and the presenters Akhil Anumolu and Scott Struletz are excellent storytellers and got great insights to share with the world.
  • Delta has invested in building an organization around its consumers. They will be sharing with us how they run their testing and optimization practice from ideation to execution.

Session is on Tuesday at 5:30 pm

3.S502 – Inside the AI super brain:powering robots to self-driving cars to marketing

How incredible is the session title? AI, robots, self-driving cars and marketing. So many reasons on why to attend this session:

  • Nvidia is a leader when it comes to technology, machine learning and AI. I want to know how all this ties to Marketing.
  • Get to hear how Nvidia is leveraging the Adobe platform today

Session is on Wednesday at 2:30 pm

4.S512 – Blockchain: The future of identity, advertising, and experience

We are all sick of hearing about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency but not enough know about Blockchain which is the key behind this technology. I am excited for this session for few reasons:

  • John Bates, the guy behind all predictive Adobe, will be presenting this session along with Zeyad Rajabi from Microsoft. John wrote some excellent pieces on Blockchain and Advertising in Mediapost, Adage and others. I highly recommend reading them.
  • Get to understand how Marketing and Advertising applications can benefit from Blockchain and how Adobe and Microsoft are working together in this field.

Session is on Thursday at 9:30 am

5.S140 – Unlock China with Adobe Experience Cloud

In my experience, Marketing efforts in China were always limited. This session is presented by my one of the smartest architects I have known at Adobe, Ittai Baratz. Here are few things I hope this session will cover:

  • Where Adobe and its solutions stand when it comes to the Chinese strict regulations.
  • How Adobe integrates with other leading platforms such as WeChat in China.

Session is on Wednesday at 8:30 am

6.S606 – Machine learning on Adobe Cloud Platform: Unveiling the framework

We have been hearing about Sensei for over a year now, I hope this is the session they unveil the technical details behind it and more:

  • Demo of the machine learning capabilities of Adobe Experience Cloud.
  • Get insights into the framework enabling predictive tools and machine learning into every tool within the Experience Cloud.

Session is on Thursday at 1:30 pm

7.S707 – How Adobe I/O’s AI & machine-learning technology can change your workflows

More AI and machine learning but this time in relation to Adobe’s I/O capabilities. Here are few things I am looking forward to in this session:

  • Get to know how the server-less architecture is connected to the Adobe services
  • Walk through a real-world example of how Adobe I/O is implemented over the Adobe AI and machine learning solution, Adobe Sensei.

Session is on Tuesday at 5:30 pm

8.S133 – Sprint’s customer journey leveraging Audience Manager & Device Co-op

Two years ago, Tapad was acquired by Telenor. Tapad is one of the leaders in Mobile and Cross Device Graphs and Telenor is a major mobile operator out of Norway. Device Graphs and Identity are critical in Telecommunication. This session addresses this exact thing. Here are few more reasons why to attend this session:

  • Ben Beard, Product Manager from Adobe and Negendra Nukala, a stellar Multi-Solution Architect will be presenting this.
  • Get to hear about a real success story of how Sprint is using Adobe’s DMP, Audience Manager and the Device Co-op to collect, analyze and personalize their customer journeys and experiences.

Session is on Thursday at 11 am

9.S508 – The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn

Yes, this session has really nothing to do with Adobe tools or practices but why not take a break and attend something different at Summit? There are few more reasons on why this is a good session:

  • LinkedIn has stepped up their game in the past year especially with their video content. Get to know how you can leverage their content to enhance your Marketing.
  • Content will always be King. Get some tips on how to advance your content on LinkedIn to connect with your customers beyond your owned and earned media channels.

Session is on Thursday at 1:30 pm

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