Cloud BI – Top 5 benefits to consider

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According to Right scale 2016, we are in the middle of a disruption of the cloud. Why? There are substantial benefits of leveraging a cloud-based BI solution, particularly in the areas of mobility, service delivery and cost.

Here are 5 benefits to consider Cloud BI

1. Advanced Mobility
Cloud BI empowers decision makers connected to real-time data 24/7/365.25 for efficient collaboration, communication and decision making. Mobile users can access and act upon critical alerts, topline reports, customer support, project deliverables, client contracts and uplift overall productivity to a Himalayan scale.

2. Higher adoption rates
Just like the apps we use on our smart phones, SaaS tools are easy to learn and have higher adoption rates than on premise BI tools according to 2016 Cloud Computing Executive Summary. Cloud based Business intelligence platforms enable creation and simple replication of different views based on roles, hierarchy and geography. Adoption from Business users would be higher as Cloud offers highly intuitive and interactive dashboards.

3. Scalability and Reliability
SaaS vendors typically take care of all aspects of infra, redundancy, scalability and distribution of the platform, data-refresh capability and provide end users a reliable data layer to perform advanced analysis. If your core business is not into technology, scaling in line with growth would be easier with Cloud based BI platforms as your time can be better invested in business expansion. Also, organizations leveraging a SaaS BI tool can be assured that they will always have the latest version of the tool through continuous upgrades and advancements (more frequently compared to the on-premises BI tool).

Cloud BI

4. Data Security
With SaaS BI platforms, your data is secure across critical phases viz. Encryption in flight, Encryption at Rest and Encryption in Use. Cloud BI platforms go beyond relying on single sign-on authentication (SSO) security solution, encryption and multi-factor authentication. ISO27k standards assures of data integrity and protects unauthorized reference, deletion or manipulation of valuable data.

5. Easy Data Interpretation
Modern Cloud BI tools offer in-depth analytics of data streams – enhanced by visual analytics with help of flowcharts, diagrams, charts, decision trees and advanced BI analysis. Cloud BI tools makes the art of Data-Driven Storytelling much easier with business insights across departments.

All time cost

Cloud BIParametersOn-Premise BI
lowInitial costhigh
lowHardware/IT costhigh
predictableAll time costunpredictable
vendorsSecurity standardscompany

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