Top 2 Testing Priorities for e-commerce players in 2016 Holiday Shopping Season

Published on December 2, 2016 - by Softcrylic under testing

In less than 3 months, the spirited holiday shopping season, i.e., Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year is about to begin.

How geared are your e-Commerce sites and Mobile Apps in capturing wallet share of customers who shop on the go with a swipe on the screen?

Businesses like yours are preparing to build, test and optimize functionality to engage customers in real-time, offer unique shopping experiences and achieve targeted business results.

Here are the Top 2 Testing priorities to work on for this Holiday Shopping Season.

  • 1. Say NO to Performance Errors!

The benchmark is less than 2 Seconds this year to load your portal, apps before you lose customers. This is regardless of the number of users that flock during peak shopping hours in different platforms, browsers and devices. Even when Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) find it difficult to cope up with impatient customers’ expectation, working on your application’s performance would be your Ultimate Priority.

Steve Madden’s online sales grew by 25%. In spite of the higher volumes, the site performed with 100% up-time – Mark Friedman, President E-Commerce – Steve Madden

Last year in US alone, 103 million online shoppers purchased for a record hit of $ 4.5 Billion, during thanks giving season. Given an indicative increase of 15% to that number of online shoppers this year combined with the manifold increase in smartphone users (2.08 billion) demands your applications to perform under peak load conditions. Hence you must establish a robust IT Infrastructure that facilitates an uninterrupted shopping experience to customers.

Have you run performance testing for your applications and identified bottlenecks about query performance, wait events, and general instance performance? Prepare your sites/Apps for increased Workload to ensure round the clock availability of applications! did automated testing for their 7 e-commerce sites with Automate-On and it resulted in reduction of average testing time from 5 days to 4 hours.
  • 2. Automated Testing – Need for the hour!

Customers are curious about new functionalities and jump instantly from one app to another. You need to make sure that your application’s functionality (integration with 3rd party systems like payment gateways, live support, ticketing systems, and inventory management systems etc.) are tested over a number of times before they are ready for the big day.

Test Automateon e-Commerce Sites

All these features need to be tested a number of times before integration and require a Simple, SMART and Scalable testing solution to run thousands of test cases at one go!

Without Automation Testing, you might be left behind to lose customers when your competitors are fully decked up.

So, with a right approach to performance testing and a test automation strategy, you will be able to grab targeted revenue during this season.

Hurry up! We are just a few months away…


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