Email Campaign Testing for Digital Marketing Success

Published on January 31, 2018 - by diwakar under testing

After months of hard work, you just launched the most important email campaign of the season. What will happen, when email recipients click the campaign URL, visit your website to check out the offer, but to be disappointed with a wrong product offer or a broken link? The user will abandon your website once for all or will be taken in an infinite loop only to exit the website with fury. You don’t want to deal with such disasters.

This is when email campaign testing comes to your rescue.

A campaign is the result of thousands of man hours investment from different business and technical teams. Email Campaign testing could help save such invaluable time and effort from going waste.

User Journey Testing on email Campaigns

User journeys are put together to lay out the users flow or the path on a website to complete a goal. Usually the goals for any e-Commerce website is purchasing a product, availing an discount offer, subscribing to digital content or downloading a media file.

An example e-Commerce User Journey

User Journeys can originate and end in multiple ways.

  • The user lands the website via the browser or by clicking on a campaign
  • The user lands on the homepage
  • From the homepage the user clicks on the product category page
  • From the product category page the user clicks on a specific product
  • From the product page, the user navigates to the cart page
  • From the cart page, the user checks out the product
  • From the checkout screen the user exists

Why test User Journeys?

Let’s say you use only a Link or a URL to define your landing page/goal with a tracking template or parameters, it’s highly important to make sure your path is leading your potential customers towards the targeted goals within your website. If not this will have a direct toll on the revenue and brand image.

Some examples of problems faced often in email Campaign Testing

  • A wrong product category (e.g.) Women products shown to men as a result of wrong path
  • Many e-Commerce websites and Gaming websites do earn money with online advertisements. Sometimes advisements are skipped from the flow or mapped to wrong links
  • Users getting into an infinite loop of starting on the user journey while trying to exit
  • Broken media files shown on the web pages that disrupts overall user experience

How Email Campaign Testing helps?

  • Creating a User Journey map as gathered from the requirements of business stakeholders and comparing it against the actual user journeys captured during the email campaign will lay out the differences. Sometimes even the business requirements even explore newer ways the users travel within their website
  • In the borderless economy, e-Commerce and gaming websites serves customers from international regions. Websites that have regional differences, persona based buyer segmentation, language localization, multi-lingual websites with LTR RTL orientation etc. need to test their user journeys in all such scenarios
  • URL Testing for UTM or Campaign codes, variables and other parameters help identifying if users are shown the targeted ads and navigate in the desired paths
  • Testing the email campaigns on mobile devices with debuggers (Fiddler, Charles proxy, tamper data) is very important as it might often reveal some strange behavior and errors
  • Test Automation is even possible to cover a great deal of User Journeys as it will help saving a lot of time and efforts

Testing email campaigns require a good understanding and exposure of the industry domain and overall marketing operations in a digital ecosystem. Because of the critical cost and brand implications in testing email campaigns, it is important that you deploy dedicated testing resources or partner with the right email campaign testing services provider.

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Diwakar is a Software Testing Engineer at Softcrylic who specialises in using manual, exploratory testing techniques to identify bugs for e-Commerce, Gaming Industries. He blends his technical and business understanding to fix revenue leakage, safeguard brand image and keep test time in check. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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