Here we are, a week after Adobe Summit and we are still buzzed from all the announcements, incredible sessions and meetings that happened over the course of 4 days in Las Vegas.

Adobe Summit is a combination of a bootcamp and a circus taking place in Hollywood. Let me unpack this for you. It is a bootcamp because there is so much content that is being shared that week. Hands on labs, new features, new tools and sneaks to future toolsets. You better be ready to consume this amount of content in such a short period of time. It is a circus because it takes place in one of the biggest casinos in the country with over 13,000 people attending the Summit alone. This doesn’t include the spring breakers and the March Madness enthusiasts. It is Hollywood because no matter who you are, you do feel like a celebrity because you are constantly running into people that want to talk to you. People you worked with in the past, work with now but never met in person and of course the Adobe Product Managers that you want to pick their brains. Like I said, it is a bootcamp in a circus setting taking place in Hollywood and If you don’t believe me, check out our week in this spark post.

This year’s Summit was no different than previous years except that Adobe spread out their announcements over the four-day period rather than announcing it all at once. I personally thought this was smart and considerate to allow people digest the information. The announcements were many and we plan to dig deeper into them in future posts but for now we wanted to highlight five takeaways from Summit handpicked by the Softcrylic Team Members who attended Summit 2018.


John Flavin


On Monday, while attending partner day, there was a great deal of emphasis on partners. The level of attention that partners were getting in the sessions was noticeably higher than years past. Having Adobe mention in the session dedicated to partners that they are aware of the challenges around the current partner portal and are working to streamline those was important for me to hear as well. The way larger partners, showcased in the Pavilion, were trying to position themselves was very interesting. I also love the push on Adobe Exchange for partners. It will be exciting to participate in this program and see how it plays out.


Francis Lavelle

 Advertising Cloud Creative.

During the first day keynote, what struck me most was the innovations Adobe revealed around the Advertising cloud.  Zarpana Kabir effectively demonstrated how marketers could create, edit and activate content at scale. The creative tool integration which pulled images from the DAM and automatically resizes them for use in ads is a true time saver and really limits the dependency on creative ad agencies. To make matters worse for the agencies Karpana went on to demonstrate how audience manager (if integrated) enables segment targeting in the Ad Cloud Creative and then further allows the marketer to customize the copy for each targeted segment.

advertising-cloud-creative-adobe-summitAll of this activity is primarily done today by an army of ad agency partners.  While I know Adobe frequently makes actions look significantly easier than they are, the direction is clear.  Adobe is out to enable the advertisers to take control of their own creative, segmentation and deployment in the ad space.  The ad agencies are officially on notice.



Jerry Helou

 Experience League

If you have been following me on LinkedIn, twitter or Youtube then you would know that I am a big advocate for collaboration, teaching and continuous sharing of knowledge. What’s the point of knowing things if you don’t share them with others to benefit from? My top takeaway was the Experience League:

adobe-summit-experience-leagueAdobe has been investing heavily in spreading the knowledge about its tools beyond it is consultants and partners. It is now putting a bigger effort to open up the gates for the clients directly. The experience league is more than videos, white papers and tutorials. It is a community. I can see this growing to become the place where questions are asked and resolved by non-adobe personnel. Good move Adobe!



Brett Newcome

Data Platforms

A centralized data platform is something that companies big and small have desired or built. However, most companies that have pursued a data lake, customer data platform, DMP or any other version of centralized platform, it has resulted in many challenges, specifically with combining digital data sets such as digital analytics, media data, and CRM. Furthermore, the infrastructure and expertise to setup a platform which could enable a single view of a customer and enable data science is vast. Adobe’s proposed data platform could solve for some of the biggest challenges companies have with warehousing and using disparate data sets.




Jean Paul Beherens

Experience system of record

experience-system-adobe-summitAdobe doubles down on digital experience management by creating a bridge between its creative and experience clouds. Accomplished via a framework of three key elements:

  1. Data collection and consistent taxonomy
  2. A unified customer profile where machine learning pieces together the customer journeys and pave the way for true attribution
  3. A content pipeline maintained fresh and relevant powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

We will be sharing more insights in the weeks to come where we will dive deeper into more of the features announced last week at Summit. Stay tuned for more!

Jerry Helou, Ph.D.

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Jerry Helou, Ph.D.

Jerry Helou leads the Digital Experience Architecture practice at Softcrylic. He helps our clients accomplish advanced digital experiences and strategic business goals by implementing and leveraging multi-solution architecture.

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