SAP Hybris is by far the leading enterprise level omni-channel e-Commerce platform. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant places it in the “Leaders” category for consecutive years. With full-cycle commerce capabilities for Commerce, Marketing, Revenue, Sales and Service functions, SAP
Hybris commands a whopping 20,000 number of International clientele from diverse industries. SAP Extensions and AddOns further extend SAP Hybris’ capabilities in providing enhanced functionality, personalization, security across a consumer buying journey.

SAP Hybris Extension Vs SAP Hybris AddOn

SAP Hybris Extension:

An extension is an encapsulated piece of the hybris e-Commerce Suite that can contain business logic, type definitions, a web application, or a hybris Management Console (hMC) configuration. That way, you link up in one place all of the functionality that covers a certain field of use.

SAP Hybris AddOn:

The purpose of an AddOn is to wrap an extension. By wrapping an extension, it provides additional features to an extension without needing to modify the code of the extension. An AddOn extends the Commerce Accelerator without touching its codebase. Technically, an AddOn is an extension but at build time its codebase is copied inside target extensions to become a part of the extension itself.

Extend omni-channel value creation with SAP Hybris Extensions


  1. Gigya – Identity & Access Management
  2. – Multi-lingual Localization
  3. Neteven – Online Marketplace Management
  4. LSC-H – Customizable Search Functionality
  5. Sprinklr – Customer Experience Management
  6. Celum – Digital Asset Management Platform
  7. Certona – Personalization & Optimization Platform
  8. Demand Base – Personalized Shopping Experience
  9. Mobify – Responsive Mobile Experiences
  10. Amplience – Rich Media Extension
  11. Genband – Real-time chat, video, and collaboration
  12. Vivocha – Customer Interaction Platform
  13. Adtelligence – Real-time Web Personalization


  1. CyberSource – Payment Processing Platform
  2. Worldpay – Secure payment integration
  3. BrainTree – Payment Processing Platform
  4. Computop – Payment processing platform
  5. Crossview Connect – Omni-Channel Point of Sale System
  6. Cloud CPQ Express – Configure Price Quote (CPQ) System
  7. Ingenico – Payment Processing Platform
  8. Paymetric – Secure Payment Gateway
  9. Paypal – Secure Payment Gateway
  10. Adyen Payments – Frictionless Payment Processing Engine
  11. OneView – Unified Online and Offline POS Solution


  1. Adobe analytics – Real-time, Multi-channel Analytics
  2. Avalara AvaTax – Automated Sales Tax Processing
  3. Impinj – RAIN RFID based real-time Inventory
  4. Prediggo – Merchandising and Search Solution
  5. Tealium – Tag Management System
  6. Google Analytics – Enhanced e-Commerce Analytics
  7. BrightEdge – Content Performance Integration
  8. Sailthru – Personalized Shopping Experience
  9. InsideView for Sales – Enterprise level Market Intelligence
  10. Revegy Account Planning – Account Planning Platform
  11. AppDynamics – Performance Monitoring System
  12. Dynatrace – Application Performance Management
  13. – AI driven Customer Service Bot


  1. FPX – Quote-To-Order Business Process on Cloud
  2. SmartStack – Cloud Infra Provisioning and Maintenance
  3. Priint:Suite – Enterprise Publishing Solution

Have an idea for Custom Hybris Extension or Hybris AddOn?

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