Increased customer engagement and retention through a Facebook App



Softcrylic helped The Discovery Channel bridge the gap between TV programming and online web assets through the effective use of Social Media.

Curiosity is a documentary TV series on The Discovery Channel. Each episode deals with intriguing ‘what if’ scenarios. The very nature of the show brings other interesting questions and topics to viewers mind. Discovery needed a way to capture these questions from viewers and communicate with the user base. The obvious choice was to utilize their robust online presence.


With extensive experience in the areas of application development and consuming Facebook APIs, Softcrylic was able to put together the workflow for the application and worked closely with the creative team from Discovery to quickly implement a solution and hosted and managed it in a way that satisfied both Curiosity TV and its partner for the program, Intel.

Some key features of the Facebook App created by Softcrylic

  • Used Facebook’s Open Graph APIs OAuth 2.0 to authenticate
    users and access all exposed data to the maximum extent
  • Post custom messages on user’s wall to drive traffic back to Fan
    Page and the Clients Website
  • Used Google web fonts to bring graffiti style to questions posted
  • Authenticate and Authorize users to participate in Apps
  • Target Apps to specific audience based on their profile information available in Facebook
  • Read and list Facebook from fan page and @handles
  • Create custom tabs in Fan Pages to provide easy access to app Generate weekly reports on various metrics using Facebook insights and custom reporting
  • Integrate App with Omniture to track clicks and posts from the app


  • Facebook app successfully deployed and linked with CuriosityTV fan page using tabs
  • Support for multiple browser environments, device deployment and hosting support
  • Weekly reports on various metrics using Facebook insights and custom reporting to measure the cross promotion and traffic drive
  • Track clicks through within the app using omniture


  • Softcrylic’s understanding and experience working with Facebook APIs helped get the product deployed quickly
  • The flow of data in a circular fashion as described in the image through social media helped in improving the reach of the app and in turn drive more traffic back to the website

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