Everyday Health achieves parallel test execution and improves test coverage


Everyday Health relies on an Omni-channel content curation strategy to deliver personalized health insights for their subscribers. To sustain a superior surfing experience, their web portal and iOS, Android mobile apps need to consistently serve visitors with top-class visual appeal, functionality and performance. Being a “Top Developer” in Mobile App Stores, Everyday Health needed to get past their existing test automation framework to accelerate new releases into the market, improve the test coverage and develop new test automation projects including automation of non-functional testing (validation of analytics tags).


Softcrylic enhanced Everyday Health’s existing test automation framework with an additional parallel framework in a cloud infrastructure. With parallel test suites, Everyday Health was able to execute their test cycles in multiple browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iPhone and Android browsers) reducing the overall testing time improving test coverage. Softcrylic rapidly developed and delivered new test automation projects in quick turnaround time. Softcrylic also helped the QA team to integrate their test automation projects in a continuous integration manner using Jenkins CI Server.


Everyday Health reported the following benefits:

  • Reduction in the overall Test Cycle time by 60%.
  • Improved Test Coverage by 54% with parallel test suites.
  • Developers were saving 44 hours/month after integrating test automation projects.
  • Increased ROI with significant improvement in developers’ productivity

Client Profile:

Everyday Health, Inc., a subsidiary of Ziff Davis, LLC, is a leading provider of digital health marketing and communications solutions. Everyday Health attracts a large audience of over 46 million consumers and over 730,000 practicing physicians in the U.S. and utilizes its data and analytics expertise to deliver highly personalized content experiences and efficient marketing and engagement solutions.

Category: Healthcare, Media
Solution Stack: Jenkins, Test Automation Framework, Selenium, iOS, Android

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