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Use Digital Data and Digital Analytics to activate marketing channels, digital touch points and convert them into customer experience delivery mechanisms. Actively respond to customers’ contextual online behavior and optimize targeted campaigns. Softcrylic specializes in implementing behavioral data tracking and real-time engagement techniques to improve conversion rates and maximize ROI. We also help establish industry specific KPIs, measure digital performance in live environments. Collecting the data, we report data performance in an actionable manner with valuable insights, enhanced reporting, and integrate with solutions that provide real-time optimizations and retargeting.

Strictly remaining as a vendor neutral player, Softcrylic has specialized expertise in the World’s leading analytics platforms, tools in Digital Marketing and Digital Analytics Domain.

Digital Analytics Tool Expertise

Digital Analytics Services

Digital Analytics Audit

Engage Softcrylic to conduct a strategic audit and assess the readiness of your digital analytics ecosystem. Softcrylic then reconciles your analytics audit results with growth goals and present optimal recommendations.

Analytics Consulting

Softcrylic Experts chart out a personalized digital analytics roadmap to demonstrate measurable business impact. Softcrylic helps in evaluating and recommending KPIs, tool stack and vendors.

Analytics Implementation

With capabilities in multi-solution architecture and industry specific data capture techniques, Softcrylic assists in implementing analytics platforms with measurement in every aspect of Key Result Area.

Testing & Personalization

Softcrylic utilizes Adobe Target and other personalization tools to maximize sales conversions by tweaking and personalizing content, graphics, Call-to-Actions, user journey, user interface for Web, Mobile and Wearables.

Analytics Reporting

Softcrylic’s analysis and reporting practice goes beyond creating reports, actionable dashboards, and scorecards. We help businesses capitalize on real-time insights to gain maximum ROI.

Our Digital Analytics Accelerators

Google Analytics Audit and Implementation

Softcrylic has proven expertise in implementing complex Google Analytics Deployments to precisely report Web, Mobile and Social analytics. From Google Analytics Audit to Setting-up the solution, we can help implement a data layer driven tag management system such as Google Analytics 360 Suite. We will strengthen your analytics strategy, improve goal conversion metrics, handle Google AdWords integration and provide custom reporting.

Adobe Analytics Audit and Implementation

This engagement is designed to maximize your return-on-investment from Adobe Analytics Manager implementation. Our Adobe Analytics Audit presents strategic improvements needed to fix gaps in digital measurement and web optimization needs. We do digital analytics reporting of Web, Mobile, Social analytics of clientele. We specialize in Adobe Analytics Manager (SiteCatalyst), Adobe DTM and the entire Adobe Marketing Cloud Suite.

Tag Management Audit & Implementation

Stop relying on Technical Teams to deploy tags and measure results of omni-channel campaigns. With our Tag Auditing and Data Layer based Tag Management system implementation, you can easily do tag migration, code base migration, deploying and testing of Google Tags, Adobe Tags and 3rd party tags across tools such as Google Tag Manager, Adobe DTM, Ensighten and Tealium. Softcrylic understands industry-specific online customer journeys, visitor behavior and nuances of optimizing tags for mobile devices.

Multi-Channel Behavioral Analytics

Confidently take smarter decisions with your data with Softcrylic’s vendor-neutral, platform independent strategic insights. From serving Web, Digital Analytics Reporting requirements for some of the world’s largest organizations, we help you benchmark against the industry’s best. Softcrylic has certified experts of market leading analytics platforms. We bring you combined insights from Web, Mobile, Game, Social, Content and Media Analytics across your diverse customer touchpoints.

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Digital Analytics – Industry Expertise


Gain advanced insights on customer online behavior, customer experience, destination preferences, cart abandonment, point of search etc. to channelize targeted offers and optimize revenue management.


Make sure your digital, virtual experiences meet the demanding digital expectations of digital savvy consumers. Adobe Target and optimize tag management systems to gain top of the mind recall among competitors.


Do not miss out on another lead to competitors. Make sure your data capture, lead capture mechanisms help you sustain customer retention rate, subscriber base and improve lead velocity rate with content marketing.

Retail / E-Commerce

Understand customers’ shopping behavior and channelize promotion offers by monitoring sales conversion funnels, shopping cart abandonment rate in real-time. Confidently track performance and revenues with web analytics.

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