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Data Management Platform DMP Consulting

Data Management Platform Consulting

Consumers are interacting with digital content during every aspect of their daily lives. Whether interacting with a computer, phone, in-store display, TV or IOT device, consumers are generating endless amount of data, patterns and attributes. Businesses need to capitalize on this data in a holistic manner to personalize the consumer’s journey as a prospect as well as a customer. Triggered by the complexity of online and offline data landscape, businesses need specialized tools, techniques and expertise to do this. Data Management Platforms (DMP) help businesses systematically collect, store, cross-reference data to segment, identify newer audience and input mission critical insights to digital marketing and advertising platforms.

Benefits of DMPs

Data Integration

Capture and Sync 1st, 2nd & 3rd party data from 100s of touchpoints. This includes code deployment on site and mobile app as well as massaging and formatting 1st party offline data to be uploaded in DMP.

Data Segmentation

Analyze the data in the DMP to create actionable audience segments. Leverage machine learning such as look-a-like modelling and data analysis to expand the volume and reach of the audience segments.

Identity Management

Manage the identity of prospects and existing consumers. Leverage Device Graphs to associate devices and cookies with people and households.

Data Activation

Disseminate contextual offers across all customer interactions Activate audience segments across marketing and advertising channels such as Display, Video, Search, Site, Mobile App, Email and more.

Audience Analytics

Analyze the data collected in realtime to understand the impact of your targeting, suppression and intent marketing initiatives. Leverage this data to continuously evolve your audience strategy.

DMP Imperatives for Key Buyers

Chief Data Officer

Help building precise, holistic customer profiles from strategic data capturing mechanisms, mining heterogeneous data sets. Demonstrate strategic value of raw data as a key revenue enabler and a competitive advantage.

Chief Marketing Officer

Understand niche customer cohorts better by gaining intelligence on demographics, interests and behavioral insights. Uncover newer audiences, best customers and create compelling offers, consistent messages in a scientific manner for higher conversion rates.

Digital Marketing Officer

Engage and interact with your customers via Omni-channel campaigns by activating data across marketing Channels. Interface with DSPs and SSPs to tap into customers’ real-time purchase journey and maximize campaign performances.

Chief Analytics Officer

Gain audience insights like never before by combining 1st party, 2nd party and 3rd party data with DMPs. Closely monitor performances of KPIs to arrive at campaign optimization insights across channels and next best marketing actions.

How can we help?

DMP 101

Help you find the right DMP that fits your needs and integrates within the marketing and advertising technology stack. Our professional services handle standing up a DMP from the ground up: data onboarding, tag management, audience exploration and taxonomy, audience creation and activation.


Evaluate the current DMP state and provide recommendations to enhance its operation and address the main KPIs and Business goals. The audit concentrates on the data integrity, the segmentation strategy, activation and the insights delivered by analytics.


The DMP is the glue centralizing the audience segments within an organization. Identifying and implementing the best Governance & Process model that fits the company culture and team dynamics is a key ingredient to a successful DMP implementation.

Advanced Cases

We support clients in unlocking the power of the DMP beyond data onboarding and activation. We have expertise in Identity management, predictive and intelligent segments and advanced reporting and integrations. We provide the strategy and the means to implement these use cases.

Our Expertise with DMP Tool Sets

What’s Next?

Register for an exclusive DMP Workshop.
Let’s put your Hidden Data to Work

Workshop covers the following

  • DMP Readiness Assessment
  • DMP Architecture Recommendation
  • Devising Omni-Channel Data Campaigns
  • Audience Analytics and Insights
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