Continuous Delivery with DevOps

With DevOps, you can swiftly respond to market opportunities, work in Sync, reduce Cycle Times, release Faster, and scale on the Cloud like never before.

Continuous Delivery with DevOps

Why DevOps?

DevOps enables your Agile Development Teams to implementing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery to develop and launch products & new releases faster into the market. Softcrylic brings its’ agile expertise, automation capabilities, frameworks and market leading DevOps Tools to strengthen your collaborative development environment. Softcrylic delivers assessment, consulting, implementation of DevOps, and managed DevOps services to achieve rapid delivery.

Benefits of DevOps

DevOps Services

Infrastructure Automation Services

Infrastructure-as-a-code is an enabling approach of writing code for server provisioning, configuration management, and deployment. With this, not only system administrators, but also developers can easily write and manage infrastructure code in the languages that they are familiar with. Softcrylic, can help automate your infrastructure provisioning in private and public cloud.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Automate and streamline the build-test-release process. Through reliable, low-risk releases, continuous delivery makes it possible to continuously adapt software in line with user feedback, shifts in the market and changes to business strategy. Softcrylic, can help automate your code integration and deployment process to different environments by setting up code deployment pipelines.

Continuous Testing

Test Automation enables continuous testing that provides rapid feedback to developers and testers. Automated testing helps to reduce testing cycle time and identify issues sooner. Softcrylic has deep subject matter expertise to set up continuous testing as part of your software development process, to help improve quality of your software applications/services and to reduce risks found in faster software delivery.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of applications in production environments is typically implemented with application performance management (APM) solutions, that intelligently monitor, analyze and manage cloud, on-premise, hybrid applications and IT infrastructure. Softcrylic’s 24 x 7 x 365 round the clock monitoring services ensures that you are ahead of issues before your customers.

Engage Softcrylic


Engage us to audit your existing development, testing and operations ecosystem to assess DevOps maturity, culture, and readiness to propose a roadmap for introducing and adopting DevOps.


Let’s discuss your launch priorities to strategize, establish an optimal, cost-effective application life cycle management culture, methodology, toolset selection, and result tracking.


Based on the agreed DevOps roadmap, Softcrylic will work with your in-house teams to augment or fully manage DevOps adoption, change management, implementation of tools, documentation and training.


We reduce your time delays, risk in creating provisioning of development and test environments with automation. We support you in migrating your applications, monitor, maintain, and enhance them on the Cloud.

DevOps Tool Expertise


  • maven logo
  • jenkins
  • apache ant
  • gradle
  • team city
  • thoughtworks-go


  • blazemeter
  • apache jmeter
  • selenium
  • hp uft
  • appium
  • owasp


  • aws cm
  • rackspace
  • google cloud
  • microsoft azure
  • cloud foundary


  • vmware logo
  • kvm logo
  • xen
  • qemu

Configuration Management

  • chef
  • puppet labs
  • ansible
  • amazon web services
  • cloud formation


  • amazon cloudwatch
  • new relic
  • datadog
  • zabbix
  • nagios
  • elastic
  • splunk


  • amazon cloudfront
  • cloudflare
  • maxcdn
  • akamai
  • varnish cache


  • perl
  • python
  • ruby
  • bash


  • kubermetes
  • docker
  • atlas
  • amazon ec2 container service
  • apache mesos

Why Softcrylic?

Technical Expertise

We have proven expertise in supporting an organization Agile adoption. Ship code into the market in style with just a single push of code and automated rollbacks. Certified experience in handling open source and commercial DevOps toolsets will work towards your advantage.

Industry Expertise

Softcrylic experts possess industry domain expertise gained from serving businesses in e-Commerce, EdTech, Gaming, Media, Publishing and other industries that widely adopt DevOps to help transform their business.

Flexible Delivery Models

Softcrylic has the ability and experience in building a custom DevOps platform and process, dedicated extended teams with certified developers, testers, and release engineers on a CAPEX, OPEX or Hosted model.

Softcrylic Differentiators
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Adopting DevOps for automating your delivery pipeline?

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