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e-Learning Development Challenges Faced by Solution Providers

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The Marketer’s Playbook


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Marketing has always about connecting with Customers. Digital Marketing enable us with multitude of digital means to target, attract, connect and engage with desired target audiences. Modern Marketers need to embrace and master the art and science of Digital Marketing in order to attain sustainable growth. “Cookies, Device IDs, ID Syncs” is the first playbook of Softcrylic’s Marketer Playbook series. We hope this marketers’ playbook series will be helpful in arming digital marketers with the foundation and technical nitty-gritties in cultivating Omni-channel customer relationships. See more at: Softcrylic

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About The Author:

Jerry Helou, Ph.D.

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Jerry Helou, Ph.D.

Jerry leads the Digital Experience Architecture practice at Softcrylic. He helps our clients accomplish advanced digital experiences and strategic business goals by implementing and leveraging multi-solution architecture.

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