Holiday Sales Readiness Checklist for e-Commerce Businesses – Infographic

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Holiday Sales Readiness Checklist for e-Commerce Businesses – Infographic


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In recent years, Black Friday represented 4.6 percent and Cyber Monday represented 6.1 percent of total U.S. retail revenue for the holiday season. The volume of Online Sales, especially Mobile Sales continues to exceed predictions. Now is the time Retailers and E-Commerce businesses have turned their complete attention to capitalize the opportunity and grab their fair share of wallet from customers. This infographic outlines few holiday readiness ideas for e-Commerce businesses from a business process improvement, technology modernization, customer service excellence, reporting and insights perspective.

From Mobile Apps to Chatbots, Testing to Performance, Analytics to Insights this Holiday Sales Readiness Checklist Infographic touches key improvement areas that retailers should capitalize for capturing maximum revenue. See more at: Softcrylic

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