Activating Data Cross-Channels 

As a digital marketer, you are invested in understanding and utilizing the power of your digital channels. As each channel has its own set of audience, you are aware that this audience overlaps across channels. You are in need of a cross channel activation strategy to drive audiences down the right funnel and reduce overexposure and advertisement burnout.


  • Siloed Activation Strategies
  • Disconnected Channels
  • Inconsistent Audience Identification


  • Leverage the Interconnected Channel Structure
  • Standardize Channel Goals
  • Capitalize on Channel Strengths


  • Efficient Budget Allocation
  • Substantial ROI
  • Consistent Customer Journey

Real world examples

Depending on the company’s digital maturity, it is possible that you only have access to a subset of channels to activate on at the same time but there is still tremendous value there. For instance, you are an online bank rolling out a new product offering, which will be limited to a subset of your loyal bank customers. You do not want to advertise this product offering on your website for everyone to see but instead you only want to display it to that subset of loyal customers that will benefit from it the most. Leveraging the email, display and site channels you are able to control who should see this offering, how often and guide them through the conversion funnel. In this case, channels will play different roles throughout the conversion cycle where some might be a strong starter versus another being a strong closer.

Activating Data Across Channels banking

Travel & Hospitality
The phenomena of a search inquiry, whether a product or vacation destination, turning into an Ad that follows you everywhere has become common practice. Your goal is to go beyond this and leverage your customer interactions across multiple channels to help you better serve them with relevant and personalized content. For instance, you are in the Travel & Hospitality business where a loyal customer is searching for a family vacation. The customer uses your website and mobile app to look for the best package. Combining the search inquiry data, past purchases, financial budget and demographic data, you execute a multi-channel activation campaign to upsell and recommend family activities at the desired destination. This strategy not only encourages booking but also enhances the customer’s experience.

Activating Data Across Channels travel and Hospital ADCC

Cross-channel activation is not confined to consistent messaging on multiple channels but to engaging with newly acquired customers from one channel on another. For instance, you are in the High Tech business and getting ready to launch a new line of laptops. The launch campaign will concentrate on existing customers who are either technology savvy or in-market for new laptops. Since this campaign is customer centric, Email and Direct Mail are your top channels of choice. In addition, you should expand your reach to these customers across social, display and search channels by leveraging match providers and cross-channel integrations.

Activating Data Across Channels technology

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