Creating Connected Customer Experience 

As a digital marketer, you are looking for innovative ways to enhance your relationship with your customers. You have a wealth of first and third party data that you are not using today because they might exist in siloed parts of your organization. You are in need of a data driven strategy to empower you to speak to your customers uniformly across all your digital channels.


  • Siloed Channels
  • Stale Unused Data
  • Inconsistent messages to customers
  • No impactful actions


  • Become more data driven
  • Build an experience driven relationship with customers
  • Adapt a mobile first culture
  • People based targeting


  • Single Voice to customers everywhere
  • Increase customer satisfaction and trust
  • Customer Loyalty

Real world examples

Retailer / In-store Customer Experience
In a connected experience, in-store purchases are influential data points that define how you engage with these customers across digital channels. For instance, your business is a brick and mortar retailer where a client purchases a product in-store. Based on analyzing their purchases over time you identify that this customer is likely to be undergoing house remodeling. Based on this data, you can provide recommendations and ideas for designs and products that they can benefit from while remodeling. The goal is not only to increase revenue but to enhance the customer experience.

Retailer in store customer exp

Retailer / e-Commerce Customer Experience
In this day and age, customers conduct elaborate research before they commit to purchasing a product. You want to be prepared to engage with them at every possible opportunity they interact with your properties. For instance, your business is an only e-commerce retailer where a customer is researching for a women’s watch. You already know some valuable first party data about this customer as they are part of your loyalty program. You know from their historical purchases, browsing history and third party attributes that the buyer is a married male, age range of 35 – 45, income level of $100 – $150 K. Knowing this valuable information, you personalize their research experience and offer them a coupon to get a free perfume with a purchase of any watch over $500. This promotes customer loyalty, enhances the customer experience and increases revenue.

Retailer E commerce Customer Experience

Customer Support / In-store Customer Experience
Creating a connected customer experience means proactive engagement with your customers. For instance, you are in the telecommunication business and your customer care is constantly contacted by displeased subscribers complaining about issues with accessing their account. When you are proactively engaging with your subscribers, you should be one step ahead of them. When they run into issues accessing their account on their mobile device or website, you can connect with them via push or site notifications to provide them with FAQ articles that can solve their issue or with a direct number to specialized Customer Care who is aware of their issue and available to support them. This will enhance your customer loyalty and retention.

Customer Support

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