Campaign & Data Orchestration 

As a digital marketer, you launch every campaign with the high hopes that this will be a successful campaign yielding impressive ROI. Campaign success is inhenrently dependent on the product itself but more importantly on how the campaign is orchesterated and executed. Orchestration involves both, the campaign and the data powering it. You are in need for an execution strategy that leverages the valuable data in your possession and activate across attainable channels in an orchestrated fashion.


  • Siloed channels
  • No changes post campaign launch
  • Unutilized first party data


  • Account for all possible scenarios
  • Data driven marketing
  • Standardized campaign governance and process


  • Increase impactful reach
  • Dynamic workflows
  • One voice to the customer

Real world examples

Product launches are the biggest events of the year when it comes to budget allocation and projected ROI. Single channel campaigns are rarely an option for product launches. This is the time where you want to orchestrate the execution of your campaign on every possible channel to guarantee the best returns. For instance, you are in the High Tech business and about to kick off a new product campaign launch. In the months leading to the launch, you orchestrate the launch stages which involves identifying the customer segments, channel execution, messaging content and creative and how to dynamically enhance the campaign post launch.

Campaign Data Orchestration Technology

Media & Entertainment
New show promotion requires advanced campaign planning to generate the buzz and build audiences prior to premier date. The campaign needs to be orchestrated where different audience segments are engaged via the proper channels while accounting for various conversion cycles. In Media and Entertainment, a well orchestrated campaign drives the biggest audience volumes and generates a momentum that carries it for an extended period of time. In this scenario, orchestration is dependent on the audiences identified, content, creative, channels available and budget.

Media Entertainment

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