Personal Customer Interactions 

As a digital marketer, you are committed to providing your customers with the best experience. You know that experience goes beyond content, images and great products. An experience is about delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time. It is the science of identifying and presenting the right product that customers are searching for. You are in need of an engagement strategy that continuously test, optimize and produce content for customers providing them with the best offer and recommendation.


  • No learnings
  • Long turn-around time for activation
  • Limited AI in personalization


  • Optimization teams and workflows
  • In-session personalization
  • Year round optimized experience


  • Relevant Offers
  • Truly personalized content
  • Learnings turning into valuable actions

Real world examples

Customers, although will never admit it, are always looking for that right recommendation. What makes this recommendation valuable is not only the historic purchases but the right timing. This is based on the current customer’s state and particularly during that specific session. For instance, you are in the E-commerce business which relies on the substantial revenue generated from customers purchasing the recommended products during the purchase funnel. Your goal is to analyze their interactions on every page such as products added to cart, removed from cart, customized, etc. The analysis of these interactions as they move from one page to another should trigger a shift in the product recommendations that best matches their current state.

Retailer personal Customer Interactions

In certain verticals, businesses might have little opportunity to interact digitally with the customers. This stresses the importance of every customer interaction and the valuable opportunity for product upsell or cross sell. For instance, you are in the Insurance business where customers occasionally visit the site especially at the time of renewal, payment, or adding a new member to the policy. It is crucial that the customer experience at these rare interactions are optimized to yield the best outcome. For example, as a customer signs into the portal to update their policy, you capture their response to various tests that you have setup for that experience. Combining their customer attributes with their in-session responses, you identify that they qualify for a competitive new service that you recommend to them during that exact visit.

Insurance Personal Customer interactions

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