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TapestryKPI is a cloud-based Data performance platform that is built to perform advanced analytics reporting and digital data management in a fragmented digital data space. The platform automates your data aggregation and transformation into valuable data sets that powers you to do more with your data

Key Features


Online Analytics

Most businesses have invested significantly in developing their web properties. TapestryKPI pulls data from all major Web Analytics firms -Omniture, Web Trends, Coremetrics, and Google.


Social Analytics

As Social Media becomes more important for businesses there is an increasing need for social data. TapestryKPI integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram.


Mobile Analytics

Mobile Devices have changed the Internet. TapestryKPI tracks this increasingly complex and fragmented space by integrating Google Play, iTunes, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.


Syndicated Analytics

Businesses via Syndicated Commerce sell products and distribute content across a variety of digital platforms. TapestryKPI organizes the data from iTunes, Amazon, Xbox Live, and Netflix.

Online Analytics

TapestryKPI automates reporting of your company’s web analytics KPI’s. Pulling directly from your analytics vendor, TapestryKPI provides a custom reporting view seamlessly without analyst intervention. TapestryKPI automates the weekly performance reports freeing up time for your Analytics and research team to concentrate on more high value analysis.

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TapestryKPI - Online Analytics

Social Analytics

The growth in social media has surprised most everyone. As companies scramble to set up social media teams for marketing campaigns and customer management, many have not effectively measured the efforts of these teams. With new social platforms emerging, deciding which ones to focus your efforts on is extremely important.

TapestryKPI makes tracking social accounts and pages easy by aggregating performance metrics from these platform data APIs. Track your Fans, Followers, Likes and plus 1s all through TapestryKPI.

TapestryKPI - Social Analytics

Mobile Analytics

Is there an App to track my apps? As the number of devices multiplies, so do the number of apps your company is building. While web analytics tools have developed solutions for shadowing in app performance tracking, app downloads, and updates from multiple app stores has become byzantine. TapestryKPI has created interfaces with all major app stores and can automate the reporting of your apps both in each app store and in app performance.

TapestryKPI - mobile analytics

Syndicated Analytics

eCommerce is no longer about simply setting up a website and running paid search campaigns. Large marketplaces and social platforms are offering new services allowing retailers to sell products directly on their platforms.

TapestryKPI makes tracking product sales and revenue from these partner services easy. Track your performance by

  • Product Category / Sub Category
  • Syndication Partner
  • Amazon Sales Rank
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Syndicated Analysis

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