Exploratory Testing Services

Apply creativity to its best in finding mission critical software bugs

Exploratory testing services

Why Exploratory Testing?

Exploratory testing is a skilled context driven testing approach that relies on human intuition and expertise of experienced testers to identify highly critical bugs at an early stage in the SDLC. Exploratory testing finds new ideas and guides the next best course for future test cases and test designs. Scripted testing techniques perform well within documented specifications whereas exploratory testing stretch beyond boundaries. When combined with scripted testing, exploratory testing maximizes test results to improve functionality, usability, performance, security, and user experience.

Exploratory Testing Process

Exploratory testing doesn’t require well-structured documentation and suits very well for agile projects that have incremental software delivery in a short time span. The exploratory testing process is all about thinking, investigating, discovering and continued learning. Characterized by freestyle testing and lots of independent freedom, testers love to apply their mind in uncovering some of the unknown bugs that will be never caught with scripted testing processes.

Exploratory testing process

An Exploratory testing process goes through 5 stages of test preparation and is called session based testing management (SBTM).

Test Mission

  • What to Test?
  • How to Test?
  • Test Coverage
  • Test Approaches
  • Expected Problems

Test Charters

  • Test Descriptions
  • Test Plan
  • Test Time frame
  • Previous Test Results
  • Tester Profiles

Test Sessions

  • Test Sessions
  • Multiple Charters
  • Execute Tests
  • Test Execution Log

Test Results

  • Reported Defects
  • Session Report
  • Unstructured notes
  • Quality Indicator
  • Test Metrics

Result Interpretation

  • Analyze Tests
  • Investigate Bugs
  • New Risks Found
  • Analyze Test Results
  • Shape Future Tests

Exploratory Testing Tools

Though Exploratory Testing is just an approach, using appropriate tools in each stage of the test preparation and execution process would significantly boost the results by capturing precise information and thoughts of the testers to further improve the process.

  • JIRA Capture
  • Rapid reporter
  • q-Test explorer
  • Session tester
  • Test studio explore
  • QTrace
  • Testuff
  • Rapise
exploratory testing tools
  • Scenario testing tool
  • Testpad
  • Bug Magnet
  • Defect Scribe
  • Microsoft test manager
  • TestRail
  • HP Sprinter
  • Qualitest

Why Softcrylic?

Softcrylic will study your existing testing methodology, priorities and recommend an optimal exploratory testing plan. Start small, maybe a pilot project with one aspect of your project.

Critical Thinkers

Softcrylic identifies testers from thinkers and puzzle lovers who are inquisitive in nature, has strong appetite to solve complex business problems with information technology.

Testing Expertise

Immersed in Agile, CI/CD project environments, our testers who are also developers blend automation and functional testing to identify critical business risks.

Industry Expertise

By serving e-Commerce, e-Learning, travel, and media industries, Softcrylic’s team of testers have gained domain specific nuances of end users’ behavioral and shopping pattern.

Documentation and Metrics

Having access to right set of market leading tools, techniques and reports, we could establish metrics, track, and report the project stakeholders to improve future test plans.

testing services by softcrylic

Softcrylic Differentiators

  • Agnostic of testing tools and platforms
  • Multi-Industry domain testing expertise
  • Independent Software Testing Services
  • 70+ Testing Experts in Same Roof
  • Developers with coding ability as Testers
  • Flexible Delivery Models
  • State of the Art Test Lab
  • Advanced Script Writing Expertise

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