Game Testing Services

When it comes to Quality, Even Gaming is a serious business! Working on a Game App launch/release? Consult with us.

Game Testing Services

What we do ?

Disruptive innovation in the fastest growing Gaming Industry comes with added complexity, risks due to integrations with multiple consoles, mobile devices. Softcrylic specializes in delivering bug-free, ready to launch Game Apps and serves to ensure maximum revenue.

Our Game Testing Service Offerings

Ad Ops Testing

Softcrylic serves clients with their core revenue aspect of their services, which is Advertisement Revenue. Using Manual Testing and Test Automation, our experts audit various Ad opportunities, Ad specs, Ad placements, pixel accuracy, visitor click behavior etc. from different Ad publisher platforms such as Google AdSense, click bank, affiliate programs and report actionable measures.

  • User Interface Testing

    Deliver superior gaming experience across browsers, devices, gaming platforms, operating systems, resolutions.

  • Functionality Testing

    GOD to GRT, aim at 100% sync with requirements and meet evolving testing needs in an agile manner.

  • Integration Testing

    Introduce Automation, take care of regression to handle integration tests like never before to focus only on highly critical gaming aspects.

  • Web Services Testing

    Reduce time spent on debugging, development by testing SOAP/REST services earlier in SDLC and validating desired outcomes.

  • Localization Testing

    Make no mistakes in attracting international audience by testing Naming Convention, Voice, attributes, translation accuracy etc.

  • Multi-Player Execution

    Extend QA support from our multiplayer QA teams who simulate real-world gaming experience based testing in our mobile testing lab.

  • Performance Testing

    Benchmark infra for targeted performance across CPU, GPU, server memory, network traffic and power consumption.

  • Security Testing

    Protect from vicious attacks by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities across gaming, revenue, integration.

  • Compliance Testing

    Comply with Gaming Standards, TRCs from leading platforms such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Our Game Testing Methodology


  • Game design document
  • Testing Strategy
  • Testing tool selection
  • Testing Metrics
  • Functional Point Analysis


  • Testing Checklist
  • Test Run
  • Test results logging
  • Defect tracking
  • Root cause analysis
  • Test plan


  • Test Run Results Analysis
  • Resolution Management
  • Regression testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Sign-Off from QA


  • Test Summary
  • Productive Insights
  • Continuous Integration Reports

Enhance Gaming Experience and Retain Gamers

Our Game Testing Tools Expertise

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We engage Softcrylic in making sure our campaigns generate maximum success and increase revenue, user retention, with help of their automated quality assurance and Ad Ops services. They understand visitors online gaming behaviour and enable us to deliver gaming experiences are just unique and engaging.

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